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Popular card game "COOL 104 (what if)"Aim for the chain to select the card or number that matches the pattern of Trump!If we add more points the role of poker in the cards at hand! !Trying to hook a chain to predict the next card while checking the correspondence table was set up at the top of the screen play!
Ranking of the play is created from the score of their own, aiming for high scores double the fun! !Yoshi also aim to update the record score!Yoshi also aim at a chain of card and many more!Yoshi made a lot of role, also aiming for high scores in less number of cards!How fun is endless ♪
Get full house every time and make trophies, such as two pair, the role!Golden Trophy and appeared to win the role of more than 11 times each!When the role of all gold ...What happens ♪ Please make sure in your eyes
More! !Add a special rule of only 52 PRO COOL!Classic case of a rule, place several sheets of up to 104 chain, COOL52PRO is made to an unlimited number of chain! !It is said that superlative degree of difficulty and achieve even a chain of 104 sheets, you can chain a card or anything beyond it! ?
COOL52 PRO deep seems simple!♪ Please try to find a way to enjoy your own